Ache Rishte Ke Liye Wazifa

Assalam-u-Aleykum, if you are one of those girls or boys who is waiting for a good marriage proposal and is mentally exhausted. Don’t be disappointed, because, in this article, you can find more than 5 different ache rishte ke liye wazifa with Quranic verses and with “ASMA.”

These seven duas are very beneficial for those experiencing difficulty receiving a marriage proposal. But don’t get discouraged; Allah always wants the best for you, so there must be something pleasant in the waiting.

Ache Rishte Ke Liye Wazifa

Steps to perform Ache Rishte Ke Liye Wazifa:

  • Make fresh ablution. 
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 times. 
  • Recite “SURAH YASEEN “7 times after “SALAT-E-FAJR. “
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 times again. 
  • Repeat the wazifa for 21 days. 
  • Make dua desperately for good marriage proposal INSHALLAH you will get marriage proposal in few days. 

Important note: parents can also perform this wazifa for their children. You can’t perform it in your periods. Offer all the obligatory prayers. And complete full wazifa, even you get the marriage proposal in 21 days. 

Steps to perform SURAH TAHA wazifa for ache rishte ane keep upay:

  • Make fresh ablution and offer Namaz-e-Fajar. 
  • Recite Durood Shareef 100 times. 
  • Recite “ LAA HOLA WALAA’ QU’ATA ILLA BILLA” 500 Times. 
  • Recite DUROOD SHAREEF  again 100 times. 
  • Take a white piece of clothing and write full SURAH TAAHA one time along with TASMIYA. 
  • Put this cloth under the wardrobe of a particular person and make dua. 
  • INSHA ALLAH, you will see that you will get a good marriage proposal in a few days. 

Important note: girls can’t recite any verses from the Quran in menstruation. That’s why you can’t perform the wazifa in periods. You can complete the wazifa after your periods. Follow all the steps as directed above and don’t leave any important part of the wazifa.

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Steps to perform SURAH JUMMA to get a good marriage proposal:

  • Make fresh ablution, offer two Rakat nafal HAJAT. 
  • Recite Durood Shareef 3 times, before and after the wazifa. 
  • Recite “SURAT JUMMA “three times, along with “YAA AZEEZO “111 Times. 
  • You can recite the SURAT at any time. 
  • Repeat the same wazifa for 21 days,
  • Complete full wazifa. 

Step by step method for ache rishte milne ke liye wazifa:

For boys:

  • Make fresh ablution and offer sALAT-E-FAJR. 
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 times. 
  • Recite “VERSE 24 OF SURAH QASAS”.
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 times again and make dua. 
  • Repeat the wazifa for 21 days. 

For girls:

  • Make fresh ablution and offer SALAT-E-FAJR. 
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 times. 
  • Recite “SURAH WADHUHAA” 11 times. 
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 after the wazifa. 
  • Repeat the wazifa for 21 days. 
  • INSHALLAH, you will get a good marriage proposal within 21 days. 

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Step By Step Method To Perform The Wazifa (ache rishte ke liye dua)

  • Make ablution. 
  • Do these following things after any prayer per day;
  • 19 Times: BISMILLAH
  • 1100 Times: 129 Verse of Surah Tauba
  • 100 Times: DUROOD SHAREEF
  • 19 Times: BISMILLAH (at the end).
  • Repeat the wazifa for 11 days. 
  • Pray for your daughter or son to get a marriage proposal soon.

Benefits of reciting “SURAH TOBA.” 

  • Surah toubah is the beautiful surah, beneficial for both worlds, here and hereafter. 
  • If you recite this surah, Allah will keep you safe from falling victim to hypocrisy.
  • Those who write Surah Tawbah on paper and keeps it in his headwear or on his body would be safe from thieves
  • If there is a fire in a neighborhood, no misfortune will befall him.
  • Also, If you keep Surah Taubah benefits if one’s possession ensures safety from the evil designs of enemies.
  • It brings peace, happiness, and health to your life. 

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Step by step method to perform the wazifa for good marriage proposal:

  • Recite 2 Rakaah salah any time, then recite 11 times DUROOD SHAREEF. Then recite the Tasbeeh. which is;
  • 34 Times: ALLAH HO AKBER
  • 33 Times: SUBHAN ALLAH
  • 11 Times: DUROOD SHAREEF(End of the Dhikr or Tasbeeh)
  • After completing this, recite this;
  • And then again, SURAH SHU-ARA

Important note: The parent can recite this. A Mother should recite it, and if she cannot do it, then a father should do it. Repeat the wazifa for 11 days. This wazifa is very effective if you search for ache rishte milne ke upay, recite the wazifa as directed above, and follow all the steps. 

Steps to perform the wazifa:

  • Make fresh ablution and offer sALAT-E-FAJR. 
  • Or you can recite it after any prayer. 
  • Recite DUROOD PAAK 3 times. 
  • Recite “SURAH MUZAMMIL” 21 times. 
  • Repeat the method for 3 days. 
  • Parents can perform the wazifa. 

Important note:

If you are in your periods, you can’t perform the wazifa. Instead, your parents can perform on your behalf. Make dua with firm belief and follow all the steps for better results. 

If you have any other questions, you can contact Moulana Sahab. He will help you.

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