Dua to Marry Someone You Love

Dua to Marry Someone You Love: Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and Allah Tala blesses those couples who live their life according to Islamic guidelines. Women are weak and can’t fight for their basic rights, But Islam has given a woman the right to choose a partner for herself. Marriage is a very important and precious occasion for all of us, selecting the right partner is essential for our future.

But if you find a partner with whom you fall in love, then life passes easily. But if you are afraid that the person you like, doesn’t like you, or parents don’t agree, don’t let the hope slip away, and seek help from Dua to marry someone of your choice inshAllah with the help of ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA, the obstacle in your way will be removed. 

Our beloved Prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW Said; “when a man has married,” He has completed one half of his deen’.

Nikah is the beautiful Sunnah of our prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW.

Islam is a very wide religion; Islam teaches us every little thing about our life; if someone Intends to get married, it is necessary to get the girl’s consent.  And you can’t decide her life without her consent.  Asked for help by namaz and dua, Allah is near us; he hears us and accepts our supplications. Seek help through dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting and have a firm belief in Allah, May Allah blesses you and brings light to your destiny. Ameen.

Dua to Marry Someone You Love

Strong Dua to Marry Someone You Love

According to a summary of 1 Hadith;

“HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW, Said that the marriage of a virgin girl should not be done without her consent, And the marriage of the widow can not go without his order.” From this hadith, we can get an idea that Islam has taken women’s rights with great flexibility; if the girl is interested in someone, and he is better for him, Then the parents also need to support the daughter and show some flexibility for them.

But in some cases, you like him, but he doesn’t like you, and you are sincere and positive. In your feelings, don’t lose hope. Seek help from Dua to marry someone you love and have full faith in Allah; May ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA bestows mercy upon you. In such situations, you should also do istikhara for the right decision, and if you have any issue while doing the istikhara, you can consult with us; we will guide you and help you as much as possible. 

Very easy wazifa and Dua to marry someone of your choice;

The bond of marriage is the most beautiful bond of the world; When a person is tied in the bond of marriage, his life has a new beginning, life passes smoothly if your partner is your beloved, everyone wants his partner to be the best, marriage is, of course, a new experience for everyone this is a serious decision that should be finalized after thorough consideration.

If you are confident in your choice and want to marry that particular person, you can seek help from this wazifa and Dua to marry someone of your choice. Still, before reciting this Dua, you should do istikhara for your marriage. If everything is clear, recite this Dua, May ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA remove all the obstacles in your path.

  • Do ablution and offer Isha prayer.
  • Recite durood Paak eleven times.
  • Recite this beautiful Dua 313 times after every Isha prayer. You can recite as much as you want.

مُفَتِّحَ الْاَبْوَابِ وَ یَا مُسَبِّبَ الْاَسْبَابِ وَ یَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوْبِ وَالْاَبْصَارِ وَ یَا غَیَاثَ الْمُسْتَغِثِیْنَ وَ یَا دَلِیْلَ الْمُتَحَیِّرِیْنَ وَ یَا مُفَرِّحَ الْمَحْزُوْنِیْنَ
اَغِثْنِیْ اَغِثْنِیْ اَغِثْنِیْ
تَوَکَّلْتُ عَلَیْکَ یَا رَبِّی وَفَوَّضْتُ اِلَیْکَ اَمْرِیْ
یَا رَبُّ یَا رَبُّ یَا رَبُّ
یَآ اَللّٰهُ یَا بَاسِطُ یَا رَزَّاقُ یَا فَتَّاحُ یَا کَرِیْمُ

  • Recite durood Paak eleven times again. And then make Dua for your good future and a good partner.

Powerful wazifa to make someone marry you

ALLAH SUBHAANA TALA listens to our supplications; He loves us when his slave asks anything from him. He loves one who consistently makes Dua from him; it means whatever Dua you do, do it consistently until you get what you want, with a firm belief and from the bottom of your heart, no doubt ALLAH almighty listen to all Dua and accept our supplications.

Dua to marry a specific man can help you, and inshAllah you will get your specific man in a halal way. Don’t leave Farz namaz; recite Dua during Adhaaz, as it is the best time to pray. Then perform wazifa to get married put a person you love and INSHALLAH very soon your marriage will take place, what is the best solution for all those who want to marry someone but cannot find the right way, I love you guide you for the right path.

  • Do fresh ablution and offer Isha prayer.
  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef eleven times.
  • Recite “ YA LATEEFO” 1000 times.
  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef eleven times again.
  • Continue this wazifa until you get the rishta proposal or find the right answer.

Furthermore, if you have any other questions or confusion while reciting Dua, or you want permission for the wazifa, you can consult with our honorable Mulana Sahab; he will guide you.


Q. Can you make dua to marry a specific person?

Ans. Yes, you can make a dua if you want to marry a specific person.


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